About us

About us

Who are we?

Retina Lighting is a Swedish company with partners in UK, USA, China, Polen, Czech Rep. Slovenia and other countries, focusing on LED-lighting.

What do we do?

Retina Lighting is focusing on LED-lighting for taller and larger buildings.

Who do we work with?

We work closely with end-users, contractors and building planners, to ensure correct lighting is used, optimizing the quality of light and energy savings at all times.

What is our roll?

We appreciate the change from traditional lighting systems can be confusing. With our focus on LED-lighting we have the knowledge and experiance making the trasistion frictionless for all partners in the building trade.

What is our vision?

Retina will be the obvious partner when lighting is needed in larger, and taller buildings, despite if it a refurishment or a newly developed project.

Our commitments


All we do is done with passion. We are fired up for what we do and all we touch. Tis makes our parters burn for what they do. In return this passion ps our customer for what they do.


At Retina Lighting, there is no maybe or approximates. We stand for true facts, clarity total transparency.


We like to get things done. Therefore, just as lighting does, we make sure there is conditions and circumstances optimized for productivity round all we do.


When all is done and the result can be seen. On top of the point above, the overall impression shall be, excellence. Perfection with excellence without compromizing on productivity, that is what you will see when all is done.

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RETINA LED-lighting for taller and larger buildings